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Default 6.59: new media explorer custom metadata feature

I think this feature is a bit hidden so here's some brief explanation.

You can add two kinds of user column in the media explorer. You access the functions to add/delete/edit user columns via the media explorer action list, or by right-clicking on the column headers.

One kind of user column is a read-only column, where you can specify an exact, specific metadata type to display. For example you can add a column for "ID3:TSRC", which will display the ISRC code for any files that have an ID3 tag embedded with the code. That's not a new feature.

The new feature is a custom user column, where you can name the column anything you want, and put any kind of data in it. For example you can add a column for "Quality", and add descriptions of how good your files are.

Custom data added this way will be cached locally on the computer, stored with media explorer databases, and can be written into the files for some (most?) file types. For example if the file type supports ID3 tags, a "Quality" field will be embedded as ID3:TXXX:Quality. Any other software that can read ID3 tags could then display the metadata.

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