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Default Reaper Saves WAV Files with Filenames It Can't Open

Bad form when recording and not catching it will result in wav files that won't be found when the project is reopened.

Bad Form? Working with tracks that have no names.
  1. Create a track
  2. Don't give the track a name at all - leave it blank
  3. Do whatever (MIDI, wave, doesn't matter, add something that will play and can be rendered) Render that track as a stem
  4. The new track name will be " - stem" as it is the original track name with " - stem" appended.
  5. The resulting wav will be named something like "myprojectname_stems-001.wav" (this is irrelevant mostly)
  6. Right-click, and glue the items in that track, even if just the one stem
  7. The underlying glued wav(s) will be named " - stem-glued.wav", " - stem-glued-01.wav", " - stem-glued-02.wav", etc, as they will be the track name and "-glued"
  8. Save and close the project
  9. Reopen the project
  10. Or copy the entire folder, all files to another machine and try to open it. No dice.
  11. Any wav files with names like " - stem-glued.wav" cannot be found.

This may be a long unnecessary repro (sorry - this is how I hit it)

Maybe it's as simple as any WAV files that have a space as the first character of the filename can't be opened which these steps will set up.

Easy to avoid. Always name tracks SOMETHING.

But, the bug is that Reaper can and will save out files with filenames it can't open later.
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