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Default GiraFX lib released! v1.01 -> v1.02


At last the GiraFX lib is released! For those who may have missed my previous announcement, GiraFX is the must have library of video presets that improves significantly your video experience in Reaper, so much actually that I created an HD demo video to help grasp how much this represents a fundamental contribution.

***main features ***
  • Introduction of a video mixer that make video mixing behave almost like audio
  • positions & dimensions of video objects in % of the selected canvas or source size
  • extremely advanced and flexible positioning system for video elements
  • consistent transparency handling with non leaky crossfades
  • text: shared style definition, flexible text alignment, ability to display only one line at a time out of a large text
  • up to 9 sub-canvas (aka video mixers) that can sub-divide your main visual space into regions

The library is *almost* free and it also comes with a full set of tutorials (soon to be completed). You can optain it here:

*** update: the lesson "Fundamentals" is now part of the free preview, was supposed to be this way yesterday!

*** update: X-Raym added a very good description and context on

*** update 2023-10-16 v1.02 released: added "mask YUV" & corrected small calculation glitch in "text renderer"

*** 2023-10-17: added GiraFX list of presets in this post
*** 2023-11-06: tutorial 4: Positioning, Sizing & Sub-Mixers released

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