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Default Calculate Loudness of Selected Items

Maybe I am missing something but the action Calculate loudness of selected items via dry run render, 42468 seems to display a smaller area of the selected item than it should. Also the area is divergent than the action : Calculate loudness of selected items, including take and track FX and settings, via dry run render 42437
The values between these actions seems fine tho, just the display of 42468 seems cutted.

Also on that note the function CalculateNormalization seems to retrieve different values of the calculate loudness actions ? Or maybe I am using it wrong?

local proj, selitem = 0, 0
local item = reaper.GetSelectedMediaItem(proj, selitem)
local take = reaper.GetActiveTake(item)
local source = reaper.GetMediaItemTake_Source( take )
-- Item bounds
local offset = reaper.GetMediaItemTakeInfo_Value(take, 'D_STARTOFFS')
local len = reaper.GetMediaItemInfo_Value(item, 'D_LENGTH')
local rate = reaper.GetMediaItemTakeInfo_Value(take, 'D_PLAYRATE')
-- configs
local normalizeTarget = 0
local normalizeTo = 0 -- 0=LUFS-I, 1=RMS-I, 2=peak, 3=true peak, 4=LUFS-M max, 5=LUFS-S max 
local norm = reaper.CalculateNormalization( source, normalizeTo, normalizeTarget, offset, offset+(len*rate))
reaper.ShowConsoleMsg('Normalize value: '..norm..'\n')
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