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Default GetSetProjectInfo_String Bit Depth and REAPER UI

Updating the bit depth using reaper.GetSetProjectInfo_String(proj, 'RECORD_FORMAT', bit) or reaper.GetSetProjectInfo_String(proj, 'RENDER_FORMAT', bit). Dont change the REAPER UI on the top right

Code to test
---@param data string
---@return string
function EncoderBase64(data)
    local b='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/'
    return ((data:gsub('.', function(x) 
        local r,b='',x:byte()
        for i=8,1,-1 do r=r..(b%2^i-b%2^(i-1)>0 and '1' or '0') end
        return r;
    end)..'0000'):gsub('%d%d%d?%d?%d?%d?', function(x)
        if (#x < 6) then return '' end
        local c=0
        for i=1,6 do c=c+(x:sub(i,i)=='1' and 2^(6-i) or 0) end
        return b:sub(c+1,c+1)
    end)..({ '', '==', '=' })[#data%3+1])
---@param data string
---@return string
function DecoderBase64(data)
    local b='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/'
    data = string.gsub(data, '[^'..b..'=]', '')
    return (data:gsub('.', function(x)
        if (x == '=') then return '' end
        local r,f='',(b:find(x)-1)
        for i=6,1,-1 do r=r..(f%2^i-f%2^(i-1)>0 and '1' or '0') end
        return r;
    end):gsub('%d%d%d?%d?%d?%d?%d?%d?', function(x)
        if (#x ~= 8) then return '' end
        local c=0
        for i=1,8 do c=c+(x:sub(i,i)=='1' and 2^(8-i) or 0) end
        return string.char(c)

---Set the bitdepth of a project
---@param proj project|number|nil 
---@param key string 'RECORD_FORMAT' or 'RENDER_FORMAT'
---@param bitdepth number 8,16,24,32,666 ...
function SetBitDepth(proj, key, bitdepth)
    local _, current = reaper.GetSetProjectInfo_String( proj, key, '', false ) -- about https://mespotin.uber.space/Ultraschall/misc_docs/RENDER_How_RenderCFG-Base64-strings_are_encoded.txt
    local decoded = DecoderBase64(current)
    local d1 = decoded:sub(1,4)
    local d2 = decoded:sub(6)
    local bit = string.char(bitdepth)
    local new_d = d1..bit..d2
    new_d = EncoderBase64(new_d)
    reaper.GetSetProjectInfo_String(proj, key, new_d, true )

local proj = 0
SetBitDepth(proj, 'RECORD_FORMAT', 16)
SetBitDepth(proj, 'RENDER_FORMAT', 16)
Before running :

After running :

But if open / close the project settings / Reaper settings OR start recording it will update:

So I wonder, is this just an UI bug or does REAPER need to Update something. Am I missing some update in the code?
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