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Default S&M Live Configs - Extension for live performers

EDIT 7 jan. 2013: Big overhaul of the Live Configs in SWS/S&M extension v2.3.0 #9 (beta ATM, download here)
The user guide is totally outdated. I will update that when I can, in the meantime I removed the outdated PDF => download will fail! New features are shortly described here.

The Live Configs is part of the SWS/S&M extension. Download the lastest version here.

I made a little user manual about Live Configs: download PDF.

Live Configs!? What is it?

Originally Posted by the PDF
The "Live Configs" is a tool made for live performers.

As the wording "live" is used for very different things, the scope of this tool/document can be simply clarified:
- Sound engineers mixing a band (or something) live
- "Playback-based" software, like live step sequencers, etc..
- Using the computer as an FX processor, just like a pedal effect <- here we are: on stage!

.. so we do not care about the keyboard, the mouse or things like that. We just want to plug things, boot the computer and play the guitar (or keys or both: it works the same for audio and MIDI).
We just need a MIDI controller to change "configs" while playing: a fader, a knob, an expression pedal or +/- pedals.
"Changing configs" means changing effects (VST/VSTi, AU, ..), FX presets, routings, triggering actions, etc…. well, anything but in a smooth and glitch-free way.

It might be useful other people too: it is not clearly said in the PDF but the tool can also just be used to trigger actions. The difference with standard macros is that you can use absolute values of learned CC messages. Example: CC#4 value 10 -> do this, CC#4 value 11 -> do that, etc..

Feel free to post feedback or questions if the PDF is not clear enough (e.g. sucky English) !

Last edited by Jeffos; 03-11-2013 at 03:52 PM. Reason: BIG overhaul but outdated PDF user manual
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