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Default CC Reset Overrides broken


CC Reset Overrides are ignored after opening Reaper Prefs > Audio > Playback and clicking OK.


1) Open Reaper Prefs > Audio > Playback and create a filter by typing (with quotes): "CC1=-1"
2) Hit OK

Test CC Filter... it works by not resetting CC1 on stop.

3) Open Reaper Prefs > Audio > Playback again. Notice it has no quotes anymore.
4) Hit OK.

CC Filter no longer works.

Opening up the Reaper Prefs nukes the quotes around the code, so when you hit ok, it breaks the filter.

And... to add insult to injury:

If you even hit Apply, it breaks it. You have to be careful to NOT hit apply and ONLY hit OK.


Andrew K
Cheers... Andrew K
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