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Default IPLUG:IPlugVST3 bypass issue

I think i spotted an issue in the module "IPlugVST3.cpp" in respect to bypass handling:

During audio mix-down in Cubase/Nuendo bypassed vst3 plug-ins based on IPlug (WDL-OL/Youlean) are still active.
I found that IPlugVST3::setupProcessing is called and possible bypass is deactivated.

Following fix seems to help:
tresult PLUGIN_API IPlugVST3::setupProcessing (ProcessSetup& newSetup)

  if ((newSetup.symbolicSampleSize != kSample32) && (newSetup.symbolicSampleSize != kSample64)) return kResultFalse;

  mSampleRate = newSetup.sampleRate;
  // mIsBypassed = false; // Removed, fix for proper bypass handling in Cubase/Nuendo during offline rendering

  processSetup = newSetup;

  return kResultOk;
It would help if someone could confirm this, thank you!
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