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Default NUM_CHANNELS for standalone

Hello everyone!
I've been digging a bit in channels configuration for standalone versions of plugins built with WDL-OL. One of my plugins uses 32 stereo channels. If I set NUM_CHANNELS bigger than 2 in app_resource.h, there are no audio callbacks for the plugin because of incorrect channel config for my audio device (RtApi :: probeDeviceOpen can not open audio device).
Perhaps I'm missing something. I'd like to make it more flexible. Can anyone give me a tip? Is there any way to add any number of input channels and configure it at the runtime so that it'll work on any hardware? (Preferably without modifying RtAudio source code) I think it would be nice to get current number of available channels and modify plugin behavior from then on. But I don't see a way to make it by the means of WDL yet.
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Human being with feelings
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this definitely needs improvement
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It would be nice to improve it. I have some ideas, I hope I'll have time to implement them.
There's a lack of flexibility in standalone devices and drivers setup in general. If I have some problem with the chosen audio driver on my system, the app will just crash right away.
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