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Default Plugin 'Check For Updates' Button / Calling php from plugin

So, I'm looking into adding a button or startup check which calls a php file on my website which returns the current version number, and displays a message if it doesn't match the plugin's version.

I had a quick look, and it appears I need to learn about sockets. Before I go digging around, is there anything that already implements this in IPlug/WDL? And if not, are there any recommended libraries that are known to work well in a plugin situation?

Setting this up could also have applications for copy protection.
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Human being with feelings
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Nothing in IPlug/WDL itself that directly implements this behavior, as far as I know. You probably don't need to mess with sockets. Just send an HTTP request to your server and then interpret what the server sends back.

It looks like WDL has some code for sending HTTP requests (see httpget.h in the jnetlib folder). You could also try a more user-friendly library. A quick google search brought up, which looks like it has a really simple API.
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