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Human being with feelings
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Default Middle-button IMouseMod?

Hi there,

have anyone already cover this in WDL-OL?
I see I can only catch (R)right, (L)eft, (C)ontrol, (A)lt and (S)hift (when I mouse click occurs). Nothing about (M)iddle button click.

Would be hard and cross-compatible to implement?
Maybe there's already some code snippet around

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Human being with feelings
Join Date: Mar 2016
Posts: 234

I think I've done it quickly. Not sure why it wasn't already implemented in WDL-OL.

Anyway, that's the edit on IGraphicsWin.cpp:

inline IMouseMod GetMouseMod(WPARAM wParam)
  return IMouseMod((wParam & MK_LBUTTON), 
                   (wParam & MK_RBUTTON),
		   (wParam & MK_MBUTTON), // added here MIDDLE button
                   (wParam & MK_SHIFT), 
                   (wParam & MK_CONTROL), 
#ifdef RTAS_API
#elif defined(AAX_API)
                   GetAsyncKeyState(VK_MENU) < 0
                   GetKeyState(VK_MENU) < 0
And that's the new IMouseMod in IPlugStructs.h:

struct IMouseMod
  bool L, R, M, S, C, A;
  IMouseMod(bool l = false, bool r = false, bool m = false, bool s = false, bool c = false, bool a = false)
    : L(l), R(r), M(m), S(s), C(c), A(a) {}
And of course, wherever there are controls for MK_LBUTTON/MK_RBUTTON, WM_LBUTTONUP/WM_RBUTTONUP, WM_LBUTTONDOWN/WM_RBUTTONDOWN i've added the respective _M parameter, as well with WM_MBUTTONDBLCLK.

Tested with VST and Windows. Seems to works well. If you find any troubles on RTAS_API or AAX_API, please let me know so I can update the code

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