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Default BFD2 on "Monitor Input" creates noise

Single audio track playing. Buffer set to 64 through Avid HD Native card. There is another track with BFD2 loaded. Simply lighting the record-ready button (monitoring midi input) makes the audio track glitch and pop. Notes played live in BFD are static-filled.

I have to raise the buffer to 256 to get the live playing sound passable enough to work. Still hearing occasional glitching in the audio.

WHEN the instrument track is taken out of input monitoring (ready record light switched off), then the noise goes away. I can bring the buffer down to 64 without a noise problem. It plays the midi notes I've recorded cleanly in BFD.

What process is happening when the record button is simply lit that drags the system down? Even if I'm not playing any notes in live? I have the record mode set to MIDI-only, overdub.

Most recent BFD2, most recent Mac OS (10.8.2) on a Retina Display laptop, 8 megs of RAM. Running 64-Bit Reaper.

Also should say: sources are well separated between drives. Application on system drive, audio playing from separate drive, and drum samples on a separate drive from either of those.
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I've currently sort of hijacked this thread over on Gearslutz regarding this subject. There have been one or two reply posts about it:


thanks everybody
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