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Question Recommendations for Keyboard MIDI Controller?

Apologies if this is in the wrong topic, I wasn't sure if here or the Compatibility one would be best.

I'm looking to get a keyboard midi controller to make a few things easier, and a friend has recommended the M-Audio Oxygen 49. But he's on a Mac, with Logic, and I'm on Win10 with Reaper ...

A bit of research indicates that DirectLink doesn't support Reaper, and most of the 'getting it going' posts I've found on the forum are a few years old and for earlier versions, so I'm guessing that at best one would have to do a lot of stuff the hard way, which might hurt my little brainy too much at this point.

So ... does anyone know if the Oxygen does integrate relatively easily with Reaper?

Failing that, what recommendations would people have for good-but-affordable keyboard controllers that do "just work"?

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I do not know the specific hardware you are talking about. What do you mean with "keyboard midi controller"? either you have a keyboard or a midi controller (knobs, pads, faders). Of corse some keyboards have some midi controllers included. Are you looking for a combination of that?

If you explain better what you want to do (and not what your friend has) it would be easier for others to make suggestions ;-)
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Thanks for the reply.

Yes, essentially a midi keyboard with "extra bits" so make it easier to play and manipulate virtual instruments and other aspects of the DAW.

A lot of the units that I've been looking at don't specifically support Reaper, so much of the extra functionality seems to get lost/not be available, or be a bit of a pain to get set up (for a relative newbie).

I think I may have found the answer whilst researching elsewhere though, in the Nektar LX49+ which appears to support Reaper directly "out of the box".

I'm basically looking for something that will allow me to "play in" other instruments (keys, synth pads, virtual instruments, drums to a limited extent) rather than having to use the virtual keyboard or the piano roll. If it comes with other features as well that can help, like slider integration, transport control and so on, then so much the better.
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I bought a midiplus akm320 midi controller. Easy to set up with Reaper and a Windows 10 notebook, no drivers required. Very cheap - $35... I didn’t see where the keys were any worse than other keyboards for $100 to $300 or so.

It doesn’t have the capability for transport, but i use it for all my keyboard/vsti stuff. It’s small and mobile, i take it, my interface, and my notebook when I travel.
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I use m audio oxy 49. Nice little unit. I’m on Mac but I think it would be fine on windows. You can use MIDI learn and the action list to map any of the sliders knobs buttons and notes to do almost anything.
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(FWIW it was perfectly clear what you meant by keyboard MIDI controller )

I have a Yamaha NPV-80 (which is great but is also a standalone keyboard) and a Roland A-300Pro which is more what you're looking for.

The A300Pro works fine with Reaper (and other DAWs) and it has faders, knobs and some pad buttons. Mine is the small version but you can get them with more keys too. It has aftertouch but not polyphonic. I like it a lot.
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