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Human being with feelings
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Default Reaper Clicking/Crackling/Delayed sound when playing back

I am using Reaper on OsX Yosemite with the following attributes

processor 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5
memory 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

I have never had problems with the Reaper playback sound, except when using a very large number of vst/effects, but now any vst I use sounds delayed and there are crackling sounds. I have tried restarting everything, but the sound is still the same. I am wondering if my computer's processing power is now too low to use reaper, how would I be able to tell? Also I just noticed while rendering a random song from my playlist that the playback is out of tune, it seems to be playing back sharper than the rendered version.

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Have you checked your buffer, sample rate, and synchronization settings in preferences?

That sounds like two issues to me:

1) clicks - Wordclock isn't locked to the right interface, or there is a wordclock conflict.

2) Your sample rate is different, or reported differently in Reaper, than your audio hardware sample rate, thus you'll get a change in overall pitch on render.
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Filipe Belini
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I've been having some issues with playback latency (crackling).

MacMini late2014 i5, 8GB - Behringer UMC404HD - Playing 34 tracks around 25 to 40 plugins running . Tried different buzzer sizes but nothing.

First let me rear your opinion if you think I'm expecting to much and latency should be expected in these conditions.

I started freezing tracks that I had more or less concluded so I could keep moving forward adding more plugins (right know only 24 plugins running)and still crackling.

Note: amp modeling amps take a lote more processing I think. Freezing those first gave me a lot of room.

The question I wanted to make: I'm recording and playing back straight from USB external drive (usb 2.0 5400 RPM). Would I have less problem if I'm working form the internal flash drive? (I guess) What is your experience with external drives? I'm guessing a lot of MAC users work with them some how, considering the space limitations on the entry level MACs.

(I'm thinking on maybe getting a better external drive, but would like to have your feedback on that. Other alternative is to keep in the disc the songs Im working and after I'm finished clean up and save on the external drive, but I really wouldn't like that extra work. How is your workflow?)

My solution so far: while I was making sure I checked every possibility before coming here, I found this option that fixed all my issues (at least until I push the limits again). Buffering>FX processing/multiprocessing settings check the box Anticipate FX processing, and under that one, Allow on tracks without FX. It comes with a warning about processor utilization but I monitored the processor before/after and there was no significant increase (around 12- 15% user use on both). But the latency did went away.

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Filipe Belini
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Update: I wasn't actually changing buffer size.

After changing to 1024 samples, things got a little better. Eventually I was up to 2048 and then 4096(is this even possible?) I was able to run 34 tracks with around 60 plugins.

Note on my interface: the Behringer U-phoria UMC404HD does not have a dedicated control panel for Mac. The options you are allowed to change inside the Mac (audio and midi setup) does not include buffer size, only sample rates and bits. You have to force change it inside your DAW.
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