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s wave
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Cool What is your recording set-up? Native Linux OS & Hardware?

I would like to know your basic recording build. Basic bug and glitch fixes. (how you overcame basic hurdles) to get your rig rolling... Please list components similar to my build below. I am AMD fan and have a mediocre build. But It runs smooth as butter and does all I need it to do. Below is some basic likes and info. And how hardware interacts with software.

CPU: AMD FX 8320e (8core) underclocked
MOBO: M5A97 LE R2.0
GPU: GTX 650
Monitor: HPw19b
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett SOLO (2nd gen)
Speakers: Fisher STA-381L 120 watt per channel
Headphones: Audio Technica ATH-M30 (20hz-20khz)
Keyboard: Yamaha KX61 (older Midi Controller Synth)
OS: MINT 19 Cinnamon
DAW REAPER (backed up with Ardour 4/5 Audacity LMMS etc)
Mics F-96 SONY (yes 50=years old) AKG D8000M Dynamic Vocal Microphone

CPU powers a dozen programs with no problem so I under clocked it.
MOBO an older work horse 970 chipset stays cool w/air (watch you usb plugins!!! some USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 are not backward or forward compatible. I learned this from old apple user. And yes I ran into this rare problem! Blue or Black usb port? Blue = USB 3.0 // Black is USB 2.0 port.
GPU does not bottleneck I use driver: xserver-xorg-video-nouveau
XOrgXserver-nouveau display driver
Monitor This was my hardest problem of the build! I had some random crashing and weird stuff going on once in a while in totally unrelated areas...Turned out to be the Monitor Driver!!! wow never would of found, guessed or seen it except for looking at the 'syslog' LOG! switched to generic driver and works fine. (If you have any weird anomaly or stuff going on this could be an answer for you) The old HP monitor driver was messing up my sound server! which messed up couple other programs... who wud of guessed)
Focusrite Solo works great (had to make Alsa priority over Pulse for sound
serving - really just a mobo sound routing
Fisher STA-381L work well for not being studio monitor quality, Loud Clear Nice Bass - I use the AT headphones for more clarity, standard 20hz to 20khz... and a cheap set of digital usb speakers too... for cheap low end referencing.
Love the old Yamaha KX61 keyboard. 20 years old maybe? sounds plays great. (It was originally made for CUBASE 4 great $50 find craiglsist lol)
The AKG D8000M Dynamic Vocal Microphone Can't say enough about this mic. Great side and room reflection rejection. $19 stupid deal of the week Guitar Center. I use it for anything. Sounds bight and sharp (similar to condenser)
I use Behringer ULTRAVOICE XM8500 for darker sounds. (similar to shure sm58 some people like it better! rolls low frequencies off at around 100hz) can be had around $10 used. OS MINT 19 Time Shift enabled (Highly recommended)for possible future trouble shooting (similar to Windows using last good known configuration) I have Logical Volume Manger 2 enabled if I have to expand or ADD Hard Drives or storage. (highly recommended IMO)
I am using CINNAMON as DE (desktop environment) flawless (Ubuntu Kernel 18,04) Love the PPA installation for adding unknown or untrusted software.
Finally REAPER Native Linux. What can I say best DAW in my opinion period.
tc can't wait to hear about your build... s wave
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