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Human being with feelings
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Default Bypass panning when rendering "Tracks with only mono media"

I noticed that rendering out tracks panned to the right with the "Tracks with mono media to mono files" option ends up with reduced volume or completely empty (if at 100%R).

As the feature does what it says, I don't think of it as a bug, but I would at least like an extra checkbox to go along with it that allows for ignoring panning in this case. Another way would be to just bypass panning when the feature is used, but there might be a use case for the current functionality I haven't thought of.

Either way would be fine by me, as long as I wouldn't have to reset panning on all tracks manually (or using actions).

The benefit would be reducing the need to create separate projects with reset panning for exporting stems or accidentally leaving some panned tracks empty when exported.
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I could get on board with this.

I wrote a Set Pan to Center script... in the meantime if you need it.

-- sets pan to center of selected tracks

function Msg (param)
  reaper.ShowConsoleMsg(tostring (param).."\n")

function Set_Pan_To_Center ()
  num_sel_tracks = reaper.CountSelectedTracks( 0 )
  for i=0, num_sel_tracks-1 do
    track = reaper.GetSelectedTrack(0, i)
    --Msg(reaper.GetMediaTrackInfo_Value( track, "D_VOL" ))
    --reaper.SetMediaTrackInfo_Value( track, "D_VOL", 1.0 )
    reaper.SetMediaTrackInfo_Value( track, "D_PAN", 0 )
  reaper.Undo_EndBlock("Set Pan To Center",-1)
 Set_Pan_To_Center ()
Andrew K
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Human being with feelings
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Thanks, I'm currently using an SWS action along with some others (also breaking up folders and deleting the parent tracks).
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