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Default OSX live monitoring and playback audio slow down?

Hey guys,

our church just did a whole renovation to our sound booth, including an upgraded mixer and audio software. We upgraded from a mixer that's over 20 years old for a Yamaha M7CL, and we have Dante Controller bringing the mix over to our Mac (I'm not sure what type or version of the mac OSX, I'm stopping by after work later so I can find out) and we've run into a few issues, but perhaps the most disheartening is the aforementioned audio slow down for monitoring and playback. We really need to get a good solid listen to it because we record our music sessions (Practice and in service too.)

I'm not sure what other information you guys need to see if you can help me. Originally we weren't able to monitor AT ALL. I had to go into preferences and check some option that talks about legacy options or some such (I haven't gotten to play with the mac version in a few days, I've been playing around with it at home on my laptop.) And yes, I've googled this some before and yet to find a solution. And the rate is at 1.0

Another large problem is that when our Pastor gives his sermon the input in reaper is so ridiculously low, that we have to spend and exorbitant amount of time in post-service editing in order for it to be at a decent volume. I have yet to find some type of virtual gain for a single input. I know I can use the envelope, but I would prefer to only have to use those if necessary to save the whole team a lot of time in editing.

I know there were some other issues, but I can't recall them all right now, so I'll update you all as I recall those. Thanks for any help out there.
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