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Default Show theme name in title, new option somewhere

Having so many great themes, not knowing its name after quick switching is not fun, so can we get a new option for displaying the current theme name in title somewhere, last position is ok for me. Thanks for the wonderful version 6, keep up the great work, magician developers Justin and schwa plus all the magic api, lua, python developers and the wonderful testing, suggesting, supporting, helping community. And if the looping music is magic as well, what can stop Reaper now? Making reaper projects working better in collaborative environments would make Reaper in no time number 1 in teaching environments, music schools, studio tech, daw teaching money earning environments. Hint: ProjectStateChunks should work with github syncing, if not possible already. 100 users should be able working on same song. If that would work, sharing and having fun, learning, getting better would be unbeatable with reaper. Finally not to forget Reasamplomatic should get 16 stereo outputs, with assignable outputs per sample.

Non-boring getting loops are where the magic is, even if you loop it for 10 hours. Something like the rain, wind, seawaves. Thanks Reaper devs and users, keep up the great work and support.
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