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Default Quicker Workflow: Saving default setting for parameter modulation window

It would be quickflowing decision if we could save a default setting for the parameter modulation window, as often I am doing the same changes first, like
- selecting lfo by default
- phase: free-running
- baseline somewhere closer to minimum (will be finetuned)
- speed much slower, something like 0.04
- strength much less, something like 3.5%

Now take above settings and a break loop, add master saike's MS-20 emulation filter on it, apply above settings to cuttoff, see what happens. Of course increase resonance to taste, something like 0.7, drive 4, post-boost 5, oversampling 4

But ok, probably using us api it should be already possible loading wanted settings in one go each time.

Quicker workflow means also Reasamplomatic needs 16 stereo outputs, one stereo output per sample. Output assignment per sample should be possible.

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