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Default McDSP Plugin Issues

Anyone else using McDSP plugins?

I bought the bundle subscription and most of the plugins are awesome but i seem to run into problems when I add certain plugins to a project specifically Revolver Reverb and one of the mastering limiters. It will start to glitch out and stutter until i raise the buffer size to 2048 or higher and then it only helps the issues but doesn't always completely fix it. I have only noticed it with McDSP VST3, slate and waves and pretty much every other brand don't seem to cause any issues at all until I purposely load a ridiculous amount of plugins at a buffer size of 64.

I ran some tests and VST versions appears to be working without problems other than you can not get to the presets which basically makes Revolver Reverb useless since it loads IRs from presets. Switching back to VST3 instantly starts glitching out.

Any thoughts? Not sure if this is a Reaper problem, McDSP or a Computer issue.

Cpu is an i7 7700k 32gb of ram and both reaper and the plugins are on ssds(if that matters). Windows 10 pro fully updated. Reaper 5.76 Audient ID22 Interface with the latest drivers and firmware.
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Im having issues with the 6050 channel strip at the moment. Randomly clipping the channels to the point of muting, specifically with the mef1 filter also the drop down menu on the modules wont work at all.
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