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Default Kontakt Player instruments UI broken


I've noticed to my dismay that currently most if not all my instruments of NI Kontakt Player are unusuable because of a broken UI.

Some instrument only suffer from smaller glitches like buttons not working. Other suffer more because I cannot switch betwwen UI panels any more. Some are competely broken with buttones etc all in the wrong place.

The most severe failure are 3rd party libraries but also originals by NI are affected.

I tried both Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 with the same result. All instruments work when I use the standalone player.

I also tested Reaper 5.70 for reference, but with the same result.

I'm using a Laptop running Windows 10. I don't recall any changes I have made concerning graphics. So I am at loss what has changed. Any ideas?

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Make sure that this option in Reaper is enabled:

Preferences->Audio->Playback->[x] Run FX when stopped
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I had this option checked, so that wasn't the problem. Nonetheless it gave me a clue where to look for.

Since my external USB audio was off Reaper has closed the auio device. Just recently I ran into problems with Cataract by Glitchmachines. Looks like Kontakt has also problems.

I have played around a bit and can now conform that closing the audio device has an impact on some plugins. Running a DAW without audio doesn't make sense, but I am really suprised in the way it screws up the plugins. Who would have guessed that the UI is broken if the sound has gone away.

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