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Default 4.01: Windows installer behavior change

From the changelog:

Windows: installer improvements relating to path setting on x64, installer size, and portable installs
The behavior of the installer changed in that it doesn't add the \REAPER subfolder suffix to the folder you select for installation (which had to be the root folder in order to get the stuff in the proposed \REAPER folder).

This was quite unexpected behavior for many, which expected to point the installer to the folder where they actually want to install the program or installed it the last time, not the folder above that.

When you're dealing with multiple/parallel+portable installs and you're not aware of this change, you may accidentally install REAPER to the root folder because the new behavior is unexpected for you now, sorry for the inconvenience.
On the upside this removes the need for editing the install path every time you update REAPER and you use a renamed REAPER folder like "REAPER 4" e.g. when you still have v3 installed in parallel and simplifies the installation in general.

If you're updating a single REAPER installation all the time, this change is not relevant to you. It still should point to the installation path you used last time. If it doesn't - registry cleaners are prone to see the single key the installer creates to memorize the path as orphaned/abandoned/superfluous and may delete it.

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