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Originally Posted by garygiles63 View Post

I'm using the Insert Empty item to be able to insert scripts into Reaper, so someone can record and add Audio Description to videos.

I have following combination of actions

Insert empty Item
move cursor to nearest left edge
insert marker

With the S&M Notes window already open, is there a way to have the text cursor be active to start writing text without having to click on the S&M notes window 1st. This would really useful for when adding or selecting of an empty item.

I'm not very good at posting these type of queries, I hope it makes some sense.

Please do ask away if you need clarification on anything.

Look forward to any solutions to the above.

I think what you could try as a workaround is extend your custom action as follows:

Insert empty Item
move cursor to nearest left edge
insert marker
SWS/S&M: Open/close Notes window (item notes)
SWS/S&M: Open/close Notes window (item notes)

So when running this with the notes window already open, the first Open/close.. action closes the window, the second one opens it again and sets focus to it so you should be able to write immediately.
The notes window will flicker shortly though when doing this.

Otherwise I think it may be possible via scripting (using JS API), you may ask in the scripting forum:
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