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Default MST5K v1.2.73 - Advanced MIDI Note Selection by Lemerchand

Update to v1.2.73
+ MST will now refocus the active midi editor after making a selection!

Update to v1.2.67
+ MST can now export presets with the option to select only within the time selection. (Alt+Shift+Right-click a loaded preset)

Update to v1.2.3b
+ MST can now handle pitches in both sharp or flat! Alt-Left-Click the pitch buttons to toggle!

UPDATE to v1.2b
+ Presets exported to actions are prefixed with "MST_" in the actions list.
- TODO: Prompt user to save a changed preset before export

UPDATE to v1.2b
+ Save Preset' input box now defaults to the current preset's name to make overwriting a it easier
+ You can now export presets to the action list to run your favorite filters without loading MST5K!!
- Alt-Right-Click the currently loaded preset. Exported presets automatically appear in your actions list.


Hello, hello, hello everyone!

I got into reascripting a few months ago and a practice project I was working on--thanks to the encouragement from some very cool people*--quickly became a full script. The very same people suggested I post it here, and while it may still need some polish and bug-squashing, I think you may find it quite useful in myriad scenarios.

It is a MIDI Note Selection tool that has been likened to the Cubase Logical Editor. I always felt the native filter was cumbersome. My script can do nearly anything the native filter can, but far more quickly. It is not, however, just a reskinned native filter--I assure you!

I have even baked in an info panel that describes all the various controls' functions!

I often use it to quickly accent kick/snare hits, humanize midi, or quickly select notes without capturing key switches, but I'm sure you can find other creative ways to use it.

Some nifty features under:
  1. Quickly select notes in the active midi editor (even restricted to the time selection if you so please) using filters for...
    1. High/Low Note range
    2. Pitches you choose (including built-in scales!)
    3. Min/Max velocity
    4. Note Length from 1-1/64th (triplet support is in a new feature--bear with me)
    5. Note position on the grid in 16th notes
  2. Built-in documentation so you don't have to remember advanced features
  3. Unlimited Global Presets and 16 beat pattern presets
  4. Quickly set filters by "capturing" the properties of selected notes
  5. Probably some other things I'm forgetting right now

Bonus: MST5K utilizes a custom UI library I built which you can also use if you're so inclined. Caveat: it is not as fleshed out as existing UI libs, but it is very easy to use for quick ideas!

Notes on installation:

This script requires JS Reascript API

Import via Reapack:
The script will be called "MIDI Selector Tool."

You can also use Git or download the .zip. If you opt for the .zip, place it int your resource path's 'Scripts' folder, extract it, and rename the folder to "lemerchand" (as opposed to "lemerchand-master")

Please be sure to maintain the file structure in my github or the script will not work. If you have any questions I'm friendly and only bite upon request.
For reference, it should look like this: C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\REAPER\Scripts\l emerchand\MIDI Selector Tool

You can find the github here: https://github.com/lemerchand/lemerc...elector%20Tool


*A shout-out to Daniel Lumertz, Stevie, and Birdbird for the advice, suggestions, bug testing, and constantly helping me find API calls I couldn't find. Without your encouragement/help I wouldn't have gotten this far!

On a final note, I am looking for new ideas. Right now I am working on a console tool that works in ways I wish reaconsole did (don't get me wrong, reaconsole is fantastic). If you want to give me feature ideas for that, test it out, or suggest something else I'm open to ideas!

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