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Originally Posted by solger View Post
I guess it's possible by making a custom function in your script for creating and returning a 'full' selection table.
I ended up just creating another return value within the listbox class that keeps track of everything and returns it as the full bool list.

Originally Posted by solger View Post
What's the use-case for which you require the 'full' listbox selection table?
I tend to iterate through the entire list in order to remove certain objects from arrays and what not, so only having the partial array would never work for me because I need the index of what items are true or not. At least in my opinion, having this full list is a lot more useful then only having the partial list.

Originally Posted by solger View Post
By the way: are you using v2 or v3 (Scythe) of the GUI library?
I am currently using v2.
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