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Default Hacking REAPER's shortcut capabilities

Is there a way to script a unique marker/region navigation text entry function the way it works in Pro Tools (by typing "." on the numpad, followed by the marker number, then "." again)?

On a similar note, would it be possible to designate some other unused key as an additional modifier? e.g. caps lock, the fn (function) key, or possibly even a key that would normally enter an ASCII character when pressed?

e.g. a script that would catch when I'm holding down the "z" key, then detect which other key(s) I press while it's held, and triggering whatever I have assigned to that combination in script?

If I can figure this out, it'll save me so many headaches and opens of the actions list to search for something I can't remember the shortcut for again and again.
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Don't know about Reaper but you can do things like this in Autohotkey https://www.autohotkey.com/ (Win only).

With it you detect key combinations and then use

Postmessage,0x111,ActionID,,,ahk_class REAPERwnd
where ActionID is Reaper's action id of a particular action.
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