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Default A little hand-holding for the noobies...

I had a thought about when new people sign up. Hopefully they've done so via word-of-mouth and have an idea of who they'd like to play. But maybe not, in which case picking strangers to play a game against can be a little intimidating at first.

Maybe when you first start an account, you could opt in to having some games started for you. You'd then have a small sampling (maybe 3)of games launched, either from recently active users, pre-selected users who you can trust as "door-greeters", or the computer. Just to get new people's feet wet, since picking random names from a list can feel a little weird, but you want people to quickly get used to picking people to play against.

Just an idea. Hopefully simpler to add than the other thought I had, which would be skill-based match-making, so I can stop losing at everything My equal must be out here somewhere, right?
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