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Default Would someone point me to acoustic guitar mixing?

I am using Slate Digital Everything Bundle to mix and I want to learn more about mixing my acoustics with this.

I can't seem to find anything by Slate Digital in regards to mixing acoustic guitar but I have found others. I was hoping to find someone like Chris Lord-Alge with a quick tutorial.
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Mixing AG kind of depends on context. Just like any mix element, you want each to be heard as complimentary within the context of the whole mix.

In a larger band setting, that might mean that you drop the heck out of the low-mids, so that you're really just hearing more of the clicking sound. By itself, it probably sounds terrible, but in the context of the rest of the mix it fits.

On the other hand, a singer/songwriter whose main instrument is maybe 1-2 Acoustic Guitars, perhaps some supporting keyboards or something, will want a full-bodied acoustic sound. ...and in *that* setting, you'd definitely, definitely want a 2-mic capture (Neck and body,) as opposed to Di.

In nearly all cases, mics will sound better than the direct output of an AG, unless you're mixing something captured off a live recording; you're usually better off using the DI.

Check out Mixed By Mozart's "Your Mix Sucks," book. Also Mastering Audio by Bob Katz, as well as "The Adventures of Mixer Man." All very good reads.
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I agree with oooanickel --- It is contextual.

I sometimes use the Slate channel strip VMR 2.0 for the saturation (very subtle does not do much) the EQ and compression (fast and slow). But, Slate or any other tools will do the same --- it is all about the role of the guitar.

If the acoustic guitar is meant to be a strumming background drone-like sound and the song will have plenty of other instruments in charge of the low end, then I'll high pass and compress the heck out of the signal and may carve out some mids for the vocal. If the guitar is the main thing then I'll leave some bottom and dynamics.

And also, I'll listen to the guitar in the context of the song to figure out the EQ and compression levels. I love acoustic guitar (and bass) so I try to make sure it is always heard. However, some use it to fill holes - empty spaces.

I have also looked for tutorial videos about how to mix acoustic guitar, but in the end opted to experiment and find 'what works' for myself (because it is contextual). However, I did learn from videos a great deal about 'how to properly mic and record the acoustic guitar'. Many interesting techniques out there that are worth knowing.
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