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Default Lua: Advanced Tempo Tool

This script calulate the best number of measures to fit in a time selection to get as close from a target tempo as possible . You can choose to have a shorter measure at the beginning or at the end of the time selection. You can also offset the number of beats, use a compound meter mode or lock the number of measures to experiment with different time selections. These features makes it an ideal tool for media composers who want to experiment with different tempo mapping ideas.

v1.5 has been released! Huge thank you to JRENG! for helping with the GUI!

* v1.5 (16-Jan-2014) ------------ Ducky Duc
# bigger preview area and font
+ button to lock number of measures

* v1.1 (14-Jan-2014) ------------ Ducky Duc
+ moved "- BEAT" button to the left
+ added some header metadatas
# fixed a bug with +/- BEAT buttons 

* v1.2 (14-Jan-2014) ------------ JRENG!
# bug fix textbox curState
# add key TAB to cycle textboxes
# add key ENTER to apply 

* v1.3 (14-Jan-2014) ------------ Ducky Duc
# Stays open after creating measures
# Create end tempo marker only when necessary 

* v1.4 (14-Jan-2014) ------------ Ducky Duc
# small code optimizations
+ add offset indicator, click on it to reset offset
# fix bug with negative inc_bar
# more consistent preview 

* v1.41 (14-Jan-2014) ------------ Ducky Duc
# bug fix with toggle short bar

* v1.5 (16-Jan-2014) ------------ Ducky Duc
# bigger preview area and font
+ button to lock number of measures

Screenshot of v1.5:

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