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Default Selecting projects from disk?

Been reading through this thread and also some info from Bschnell about running Reaper live.

However I have not found anywhere info on how to
1. List projects in some sort of "Playlist" view
2. Be able to load them dynamically from disk, rather than a slew of tabs across the top.

In my case, when running backing tracks with plugin instruments, I just went to be able to remotely select a project from such list.

Even if I need to create a dedicated "Playlist" folder, that would be fine. I just cannot see how to do this in any of these topics.

I had a look t the SWS Live config, but it seems to be geared toward having multiple projects open within the one "over-arching" project, rather than a list of projects on file.

Now, it could be that I have misunderstood what I have read so far, so I am happy to be corrected and be told it is possible to do what I would like...to me it seems like such a simple thing.

In Sonar we had the Jukebox tool. (Or Playlist??? I cannot recall the exact name haha)

In this tool, you could set a list of various Sonar projects and set it to await a keypress to play the next in the list, OR when required select them dynamically if you needed to change the order at a show. The big issue/s were it was buggy, quite unreliable and slow!
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I believe you can use the Media Explorer to load Reaper projects.
Make a dedicated list in the ME and you can use the search function while working.

If not, there's a user on this forum that made a "launcher" script. I don't remember the name but you should find it pretty fast.

Let me know if you have questions on loading several tabs at the same time. You can load up to 128 tabs with no problems. Only restriction is your computer memory and Drive.
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