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Default Mouse double click zeros fader

Apologies if this is a FAQ but I can't find it.
Lately when I go to do a tiny nudge to a fader, I accidentally double click and the fader goes to zero. I have a lot of headroom and this is sometimes crazy loud. I think I just want to disable that double click action, at least for the master fader. It might also be useful if I could set the level for double click to something other than zero.

Going from my standard level to zero is, like, literally dangerous. So I've resorted to putting a limiter on my master track and managing it that way, but really wish I could make double click more useful and safer somehow.
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I don't think you can change that, double-clicking to set the fader to zero has always been that way. What you can do is set Reaper to auto mute when the master goes over something, I have it set at +6 dB. This setting is in the preferences.
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