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Default Bluetooth Audio and Reaper Strange Problem

So I got this set of Nakamichi bluetooth headphones for a low price, and figured I would try them:

They work great with my IPhone 5S, and with my iMac, and they are relatively comfortable. I bought a plugable bluetooth 4.0 dongle for my XP machine at work:

So this relates to Reaper as follows. On either my iMac, or my XP machine, whenever I try to use Reaper and select the bluetooth headphones as the audio out, the audio sounds very compressed and band filtered. Sounds terrible. I have tried all of the various output options (DirectSound, WaveOut, etc.) this morning on my XP machine at work, changing bit depths, sample rates, buffering, and no change. I had a similar problem on the iMac, but I don't remember if I was able to solve it somehow, I think maybe some sequence of rebooting the headphones worked?

I was listening to something on Spotify, and as soon as I opened Reaper, the audio not only from Reaper, but streaming from my browser also sounded bad, like I said, no bass, bandpass filtered sounding, terribly wrong. Audio stops when Reaper is opened for a minute, then restarts. As soon as I start navigating the menus of Reaper, the sound changed to be crappy. It seems clear to me Reaper is somehow interfering with the computers audio functionality with a bluetooth device. Any project I play back in Reaper sounds terrible.

Now it is strange that reaper would be impacting other audio playing on the machine. I am stumped on this one. There are not a lot of controls on the Broadcom stack/plugable software for the bluetooth device. It works fine until I introduce Reaper into the mix. I am a few updates behind, currently at 4.59 on the XP machine, not sure what I am running on the iMac. I am going to upgrade to 4.75 and see what happens.

Any ideas? Is this a bug in Reaper?
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