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Default How to completely delete a project

How can I completely delete a project? Being a new user, I opened a project to experiment with recording, FX, plugins, etc. My intention was never to keep it but to get my feet wet with it and learn the lay of the land before starting work on my real project.

Now that's done and I can't figure out how to purge reaper and my computer of the test project. Any help would be appreciated.

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find the project directory in the computer and delete it!
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What if he didn't choose to keep each project in its own directory? In that case, his Reaper folder is gonna be full of wav files. I went through this at one point. I ended up going to my Reaper recording path and deleting all the individual wav files. In your preferences, or at the bottom of the window when you're saving something, make sure you check the box to keep the project in its own directory. Makes things a lot more tidy.
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What if he didn't choose to keep each project in its own directory?
If they are all munged together then he needs to open every project and do a save as/move/create project directory to their own folders, then delete what is left.
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the only way is to reformat your HD and start all over...

no no... just kidding


You really MUST learn to set up reaper to properly save a project...

so at the very least you save each project to it's own named folder, and I'd suggest using an Audio subfolder in each project folder for the wav files.

To start with go to the project settings and then the Media tab
In the top field, type in Audio that will create those sub folder in the projects

Then have a look at the Save As dialog... at the bottom
do check mark:

Create subdirectory for project
and also...
Copy all media into project directory

So now I have a main folder on HD, called REAPER PROJECTS
that is where I Save As to...
So each project gets it's own folder and name inside that ...

try it
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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There is an option to clean the project directory of unused files. Perhaps you could open the project and delete all the media from the timeline, effectively rendering them unused, and then choose "File-->clean project directory" from the menu. Theoretically it will delete all the files from this project, hopefully you haven't started any other projects which might have files in this directory as well. After that just delete the .rpp project file and it should be gone.

Are you on Windows or Mac? The file path for the default directory will be different depending on the OS.

Give this a try only if you haven't started another project where the audio files would be placed in the same default directory as your test project.
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Default You are all awesome!

Thank you to all who responded. I'm extremely grateful for your help and look forward to being proficient enough to assist someone else in the not too distant future. I'm off to delete that file and get more organized. You rock! I'm working on a PC, btw.
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