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Default Reaper with RME Babyface - Very soft

Hey Guys,

I have just started to a get new set up happening; coming from a Pro Tools background but having only done live stuff for the last 4 years.
I now have an RME Babyface and want to use Reaper as my DAW. Also have a BAE DMP on the way with my new mic.

At present I am recording with my Sennheiser e965 for vox and a Line Audio CM3 for guitar.

I am finding that through both mics if I get the input levels right so they are not peaking and have a good amount of headroom (averaging around -18) that the playback is extremely quiet.
However if I use the Pan on each track to Pan either full right or left (doesn't matter which) the playback level rises to what seems to be much more normal. Still playing in both sides of head phones.

What rookie mistake am I missing here?

I've attached an image of the waveform when singing and speaking with the dB around -18.

I have checked my phones levels and they are OK, couple more turns until max.

Thanks for any help you can provide and let me know I need to be clearer on anything!


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you are probably experiencing what is known as the pan law. The level is attenuated in the centre to compensate for psychoacoustic effects when both speakers are playing audio. There is a perceived 6dB (approximate) level increase when we hear a sound equally in both ears compared to just one. Most analogue mixing consoles have a pan law built in. Neve uses -3dB in the centre and SSL uses a -4.5dB pan law I think. I'm a bit fuzzy on the exact numbers.

You can change the pan law to fix this to 0.0dB. I'm not able to check how to do this at the moment but a quick browse through the documentation should get you there right away.

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I'd guess you have phase cancellation going on in your monitoring chain.

check your routing! in REAPER, in the RME total mix... and check your cables.

worst case scenario, your headphone output is mis-wired.
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