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Default Long recording-record waveform disappears

I do a bunch of long, live recordings. Reaper makes .WAV files for each track. Using the default setting when these files reach approximately 1024kb, Reaper seamlessly starts a new file and closes the first one. This works well and playback is fine.

The problem is that while recording, when this happens the track preview waveform on the material before the splice is erased. It looks like you just lost a bunch of audio! Although this is not the case, the first time it happened to me I almost had a heart attack. Live performances only get one take and clients tend not to have a sense of humor when you lose their performance.

Although this is just a cosmetic issue it would be a nice thing to fix it to avoid serious recording engineer health issues ;-)

I'd set the limit to 2048kb but I'd sure do a bunch of testing first. When set at 1024, the actual file size is a bit over 1048. The limit for standard .WAV files is 2048 so if Reaper went a little over that limit as it does with 1024kb there might be a big problem. I sometimes do long enough recordings that the issue would show up even with a 2048kb limit.

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