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Default My aux send proposal, feel free to tell me STFU

Me and sonusman were talking and came up with some ideas

as in this thread there are a few different aux send paradigms that each have their own pitfalls

I don't know how feasible this is, but it would sure solve a lot of issues people can never agree on. This could also concievably be the basis for the output routing problems so many apps have. Ive never seen an implementation like this, but hopefully it could suit things well

I propose a "plugin" accessed by the "open track fx window " button. I'll tentatively call this "the send operations dialog"

At the top left of this plugin would be a text box with a drop down arrow next to it to choose which text is displayed. Here you would chose which aux send OR buss send you would like to deal with. All available aux sends and buss sends could be chosen here.

Underneath this box would be a switch or maybe mutually exclusive radio buttons, and this tentatively I'll call the "send behaviour chooser". Here you will find options;

button 1: Send follows channel fader pan
Button 2: Send is pre fader/pre pan
Button 3: Independant pan. Beneath button three will be a pan control

Maybe in user preferences you could choose which of these buttons would be chosen by default, probably button 1 so that new users could jump right in with what theyll likely be used to

Now the send behaviour chooser will be locked to its aux send, that is, you chose a different behaviour for each send and it remembers them all

The channel fader will ALWAYS go to the buss it is part of or to the master buss

If the channel is a buss, it can either be set to go to the master buss OR it can become a hardware output buss. Once a hardware output is used for a hardware output bus, it is no longer available to any other buss

Now a new contol would be exposed to the GUI and track header. The "send control". This could either be a right click from the volume control, or pan control as vegas does, or could be its own fader. Whatever the case, right clicking it should allow you to chose which send it is now controlling, and at all times a text in the gui should let you know which send is being messed with.
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