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Default "Active tracks on top"

Hi again!

I'm woring with a project that has many, many tracks. Sometimes I only use 10-15 of these tracks. But my template works well and I need to have a lot of intsruments and articulations ready when I need.

Now, when I only use 10 tracks I don't like to constantly need to scroll up and down all the time to find my tracks. It may be track 38, track 76 and track 112 etc. They can be spread out all over.

What I would like to do is the following:

Right click on t he area where the midi tracks are.

Select: "Put tracks that have midi informmationon top"

Then I want to see those tracks being moved to the top so that I can work conveniently with these tracks and see the´m and see the relationship between them etc.

Then when I want to go back to my original layout I want to right click in the midi area / track karea again and select: "restore tracks to their original position"

Is that possible today? Thinks it's an idea that be useful for more guys than me?

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have you tried the track manager?

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Folders and/or Custom Actions come to mind...
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reordering tracks is not so easy - but showing and hiding is - I made a macro for this:

I'm not in front of my machine so pardon is some of the action names are off but...

to Show only tracks with midi info in a given time selection:

Select all items in time selection
select only tracks containing selected items
show only selected tracks in TCP

to return there is a command available

Show all tracks

I don't see the value is seeing the unused tracks below ->

To bring up an unseen track you can use ReaConsole with the S command
enter the track name
and show selected track in TCP

I find this very fast working with orchestral templates
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here's mine, pretty similar
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Thanks so much! So it seems this is possible! Great!

Now I must confess I don't quite understand what you have written in your posts above... I'd really appreciate a step by step instruction here as this feature - I'm sure - would really make many-track-projects easier to manage...

Can I put tracks that contain info on top?
Will I also be able to RETURN them to their original positions?

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what they are using is some custom actions (you can make those in the actions menu) to hide tracks without items.
It won't move tracks to top position. only hide the others.
It would be easier if Reaper would have a way to split the arrange window in two and move some tracks to the top split window. but meanwhile, you can just hide and show tracks. Cubase has split window since ages... but it didn't have track visibility until recently... so now it's Reaper's turn to do split window

I used to have big templates with many tracks... but I now prefer to use track templates and load them as needed. so I don't have hundreds of empty tracks and just load folders of tracks when needed.
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