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Default Low signal level using Presonus FireStudio

First of all: I'm real newbie if it comes to recording and still have a lot to learn...

I bought a Presonus FireStudio and a FireStudio Project. I daisy chained the FireStudio Project to the FireStudio. I set the FireStudio as audio device in Reaper and all inputs are available. So far so good.

I mic'd my drumkit and start to run some tests. When I turn up my input level on the FireStudio till the point it almost starts clipping and record some tracks, I noticed that my input levels in Reaper are very low. The waveforms are a bit flat. The funny thing (for me at least) is that even my flat kick track has quite some volume.

Anyone has an idea what to check or change? I'm a bit lost in the dark now...

Thanks in advance!
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