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Default Please help me setup Reaper and syntheseizer with arpeggio recording!

If someone could post a guiode on how to do this it would be awesome.

I have a Korg X50 which has dual polyphonic arpeggiators. These are great fun to play with as they sound very rich.

I am imagining that it is possible to record all these tracks in Reaper as well. I am trying my best, but no luck. There are just too many things to take into consideration. I have the manual but I can´t get it to work.

I have chosen an open Multi-set (InitialMulti017) and from there "Copy from Combi" and chose the Combi I wish to use. Here is where it goes wrong. The MIDI tracks suddenly stop producing any sound when I try to play the sounds in the Multi-set with the new Combi loaded. The arpeggiator is acting totally weird, sending out a kickdrum or a hihat every 10 seconds or so, for no reason.

I dream of using the combis and arrpegiators as they are used in the Korg X50. Just hitting record in Reaper, waiting for the count-in then recording with arrpegiators and all with synched MIDI tempo. If all the tracks would show up individually and therefor also let me remove or add parts as I please, that would just be the best thing ever.

If anyone has got this working please post what you did to make it work!
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Wish I could help, I've never dealt with physical MIDI instruments going into Reaper. I just wanted to drop in and say if you don't get any/many replies here, you might try the Q&A section instead. I'm sure someone around here will help you out though.
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