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Default 2 in 6 out audio interface.

Hey guys!

Been a while since my last stoopid question, so I thought I’d keep you on your toes.

I’ve been given an Emagic EMI 2|6 USB Audio Interface (see attached pic). Its two input and 6 output.

I currently use a small Behringer UCA202 – 2 in 2 out. As I’m still new to this recording thing, is there any advantage to 6 outs as opposed to 2?

What would you use all those outs for? Could they be used for example in a live setup where 6 pre-recorded tracks could go to individual channels in a mixer and then mixed together with live instruments and vocals?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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5.1 surround perhaps?
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I'd actually be pretty keen on a 2/6 interface for my live stuff. I regularly use 2 audio inputs (mic for vocoder, analog synth) 1 midi input/output (controller for vstis, samples and analog synth) and 6 outputs (stereo backing beats, stereo synths, samples, vocoder). If you put it all through stereo, your sound guy has no ability to mix it properly for the room or if you've got something slightly wrong. I much prefer that the sound guy has as much control as he/she needs (hence the multiple outs). I use an RME Fireface800 currently, but would love to keep that at home (quite expensive, screeds of inputs/outputs that I don't need live), and have something a bit cheaper and smaller to use live.

*edit* on the other hand, I just googled that device, and not really my thing. I'd need XLR inputs, balanced (And non rca) outputs and modern drivers
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I still have the Emagic 6/2 and the 2/6. Both still can be used on the Mac. If you use Windows, you're in for a lot of problems, unless you use an old version of XP.

These interfaces are limited to 16 bit/44.1 KHz. And you need to change some settings:

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