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How can I play a pattern from RS5k Manager ? And how can I get that pattern as audio items on a track ?

EDIT: Figured that out!

Suggestion : It would be nice to be able to set the step count , as it stands its only really suitable for 4 bars.
I can only set the "length" of notes and not the step count.
That is , I can increase to 32 or 64 but that will only allow me 32 or 64 notes in the 4 bars rather then being able to set it to 16 and 32 steps and covering 8 bars.

When using Geist for example I always set it to 32 Steps and cover 8 bars. I feel this is absolutely essential.
Unless I am missing a setting?

I also seem to frequently lose "contact " with the controlling channel , one with the midi , whereby I cannot edit the midi channel or the sequence any more.

Also , and this might be too much to ask , It would be insane to be able to link the midi and audio so I can keep sequencing the audio with the midi file.

And free item positioning for overlaps.
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Originally Posted by Arnar View Post
able to link the midi and audio so I can keep sequencing the audio with the midi file
Use Options / GlobalSettings / Pattern track mode / Dump sources of child track as audio items. In this mode you should commit pattern to midi item on dedicated track:

For other things see 1.25 changelog. You can change pattern length in menu by clicking on pattern name.
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Arthur McArthur
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Hi mpl, I have a few MIDI script requests:

-quantize selected MIDI note starts
-move edit cursor to nearest grid line (no seek)
-move edit cursor to start of midi item (no seek)
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