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Default Compatibility issue on Mac with projects created on PC


I'm used to work on Reaper on PC at home and to bring some work on my Macbook (laptop) when I travel. Very recently, as I am travelling, I am experiencing a very serious compatibility problem. The recent projects I made on PC (I made the test with 2 of them which are the same project at different stage of evolution), I can not open them properly on mac.

When I do open them in mac, the issue can take several forms :
- either it seems to open properly but I can not save the project in a new one after having made Reaper "search" for the missing files (I always have to make this "search" audio files step while tranfering from PC to mac), Reaper either says impossible to create a saved project or simply does not open the "save as window.
- either I simply can not access to the menus "file, edit, action, etc..". When I click on them, blank space appear.
- another notable issue : when I open these projects on mac, I can not access anymore to the JS effects, as if they were not installed, and Reaper reports those already included in the project to be missing.
- and just for the record. If I skip the "search files" step by clicking on "ignore all missing files", then everything works fine, I have my JS effects, I can "save as", etc... Everything is ok... except that I don't have any audio to work with

To sum up, those projects coming from a desktop PC DO work properly on a laptop PC, but NOT on my macbook Pro, and make the whole software bug - even with the last 5.52 version installed.

Would anyone know how I could solve the problem ?

Thank you in advance.

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