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Default Tempo Map Start Issue

Issue: copy/paste tempo envelope doesn't overwrite original envelope point in Reaper 5. (64bit, Windows)

I've had this problem for over a year or two now, I keep hoping it will be fixed or that I'm somehow at fault. I had no issue prior to an update a year or two ago.

Often I copy a tempo map from a tracking session and paste it into a mixing session. My process has always been to right-click on the tempo envelope and "select all points," then copy. Go to the other session, right-click on the tempo envelope and "select all points," then paste. Also making sure the cursor is at the start of the project. This used to work perfectly. Now there seems to be a bug with the original envelope point not being replaced.

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

As you can hopefully see in the second image, the original 120bpm point still remains. This point can't be deleted. If I set it to the same tempo as the pasted point, measure 1.1.00 becomes measure -2147483647.-1.J Pasting tempo envelope points anywhere else in a session works as it should.

So I'm hoping this can be fixed or someone else can confirm this bug. I installed the last version of Reaper 4 and tested it and it works exactly as it should. So it might be an issue the started with Reaper 5.
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Yes, I get this too. It can even freeze and crash here. A fix was attempted in the current pre-release: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=189365.
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