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Default Reascript: Using Vim or Neovim as a text editor

Hola everyone,

Main reason for switching from sublime text 3 with reasyntax plugin (as recommended by ExtemRaym's reascript course) to neovim is for strong customisability and editability. I will be using deoplete for auto completion and ultisnips for snippet functionality.

Now, it looks like I have two options. Which are:

1. Create a parser for reascript api doc to convert it into ultisnip snippets or

2. Research in to converting sublime text 3's snippets in to ultisnips snippets to be used in neovim.

Both will be an interesting approach. Especially no. 1 as that will be a great challenge to write and will be a good exercise because I will be writing it in lua if possible.

Please if anybody here is already using a similar set up or have an input, please enlighten me on a better way if there are any. All directions would be welcome.

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Default REALLY want to see this happen too!

I planned to do attempt this a long time ago, but still really want to see it and am curious on your progress! I have made a parser for all the languages in shell already actually as I wanted to do this. It supports removing the returns of the functions as well as removing the array methods in Lua. You can find and are very welcome to use it or join in and perhaps contribute here (Can't upload here because of file restrictions): https://github.com/NlGHT/Night-REAPE...etReaScriptAPI I will be continuing to support for it for a while and add possibly add any new features people want.

I am considering just putting this script online as a url you can request with something like curl so that anyone can request the latest parsed documentation anywhere.

You seem to want the challenge of the parser though, so you can of course write your own if you want. But just letting you know it's there.

This topic was lightly touched on in an older forum post for EMACS which had a mode for EMACS that included a parser:
That one is very old and the parsing script I couldn't get to work anymore (also still uses python2).

When someone asks for Vim, another points out that there is a language file for EEL:
But, it's really more of a slightly modified C syntax file. Doesn't really do much in terms of auto-completion and still highlights C features that aren't in EEL.

Lua could be very interesting though because of its existing LSP and support in Vim auto-completion plugins.

Would love to see some progress with this and I hope you find the script useful!

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