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Default Something is not right with how the video processor handles envelopes...

Something is not right with how the video processor handles envelopes.

Consider this scenario:
Two envelope points, one at the cursor and another at the next (right) snap point.

For audio, dragging the next envelope point up and down does not affect the audio. You can test this by putting the JS:Tone generator on a track and opening the envelope for the Fine tune parameter. Dragging the next envelope point up or down does not affect the tuning; as it should not.

With video, we are not so fortunate. Try the following: Put an image or video on a track. Put the Brightness/Contrast preset into the video processor on that track. Open the envelope for brightness, and add the two envelope points. Put the cursor on the first and observe the video output as you drag the second one up and down. The brightness at the first envelope point should not change when the second envelope point is dragged, but it does.

And this issue *is* important, since it makes it impossible to delicately adjust video constructs. In my current particular case, the Vignette preset draws unwanted artifacts to the right and to the bottom as the peephole is enveloped, and I cannot add fixes to erase those as the setting of the next envelope point ruins the fix at the previous envelope point.

(I tried to make a gif showing the problem, but neither LiceCap nor GifCam seem able to capture reaper's video window.)
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