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Default Metronome audio, but nothing else to PC audio

I'd evaluated Reaper a few years ago, and just assumed it worked the same way and went ahead and paid for it. But now I'm stumped getting the audio to work. I do a bit of software dev for work, and it's unusual not to be able to untangle issues. I am however a DAW noob, if with a classic synth collection.

The issue basically, I can hear the metronome on record/playback, but nothing else. The master bars aren't moving, but I also set up a monitor send on a HelloWorld VST test track, with no result.


I followed the start here audio guide: http://stashbox.org/1139237/Device-Setup-05-midi.pdf rebooted, reinstalled rebooted, all the things. Wave Out and DirectSound both produce Metronome, but not with ASIO4all.

The other two PDFs in the getting started thread are 404 not found.

But for the life of me I can't figure out why no sound is produced, even with a hardware output defined for the test channel. I've attached screenshots of all my settings, any advice is appreciated. I'm sure it's something basic, but after a couple of hours on Google and YouTube without progress, it's time to pull in the gurus. Option B is to go try Live.

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Hardware send should be on the master track. It's curious that your track input/output names are not what's listed in your audio device settings. If you haven't renamed them in preferences, something's wrong there. Sometimes hitting play in Reaper is necessary to initialize audio device changes.

Using ASIO4All is asking for problems. Do you not have an audio interface with its own drivers? If you can afford $50-100 for a proper interface your problems will most likely go away.

Make sure you've selected the entire range of ins and outs available in Reaper, not just the first 2.

RSM5k needs to have the notes that match what it expects for each sample or it won't make sound. I'd use any software synth for such tests (like ReaSynth).

Also be sure that the samplerate in Reaper is the same as in ASIO4All.
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