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Default EMERGENCY!!!

I have a very bad problem and I really need to solve it since yesterday I made a song and when I open the VST's the REAPER gets frozen and I need to quit and reopen it but that is not the real problem that usually happens and like I always save my session everything was fine the BIG problem started yesterday when I reopen my session even though I saved it like always, it opens without my Vst's Presets and so I have to redo the song almost 100%, so I don;t know what to do if the problem is the Licensing or what is the problem so it can be solved ASAP!!!!! And my computer is a Mac OS X Version 10.6.4 Processor 2.7 Ghz Intel Core i7 Memory 6 GB 1333 mhZ DDR63.
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With Reaper (and just about only with Reaper) you can be sure that the issue is not the licensing. Have you tried to open it in safe mode?

Open Reaper without the project and go to open it but check the "open in safe mode" or something like that I think. Once it is in safe mode you can turn on one plugin at a time to find what plugin is causing the trouble (if any).

Have a look at this thread
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Originally Posted by zappsunzorn View Post
...and go to open it but check the "open in safe mode" or something...
I think you mean 'recovery mode'

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