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Default Replace 32bit plugins with 64bit versions (how to keep settings ?)

I recently switched to Reaper 64bit after been using it for years in the 32bit version
I try to avoid plugin duplicates and I especially hate Waves, if you don't cleanup things you can have tons of different versions for a single plugin (VST2 32bit, VST3 32bit, VST3 64bit, VST3 32bit, plus mono and stereo versions.... in all different options mentioned above)

So what I did is removing all versions but VST3 64bit

The thing is, I have a lot of old projets with 32bit versions of those Waves plugins

> Is it possible to replace a 32bit instance of a plugin and replace it with the 64bit version... while keeping the settings used automatically ?

Thank you
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I do not know how Waves plug-ins work ...

But for others, you could try editing a copy of the project file and changing the plug-in names to those of the 64-bit VSt3.

PS What advantages are the VST3 plug-in giving you, compared with their VST2 cousins?
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Hi there fak0u,

Could you tell us how you're doing with this issue ?
Reaper 32bit up to date on MacPro 2 x 2,26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon ElCapitan and also on MacBookPro 2.5 GHz IntelCore i7 mid 2014 HighSierra
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