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Default FX Chain imported to ARM version has wrong parameter values


I tried importing an FX chain originally created using a Linux x64 REAPER version into the ARM version running on a Raspberry Pi 4 on Raspbian (Debian Buster). The REAPER version used is 5.980. The FX chain was created with a slightly earlier version.

Many filter parameters are slightly off in the ARM version. For instance:
- The Gain of the Equalizer is 0.9 instead of 1.0
- The Bandwidth of EQ Band 3 is 0.99 instead of 1.00
- The Release of the Compressor is 99 instead of 100
- The Ratio of the Compressor is 2.99:1 instead of 3.00:1

There might be other/more subtle differences, but these are some of those that I saw in the user interface. I'm attaching the FX chain as an example.

Let me know if you need more info.

Best regards
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Looks like this is a subtle difference in the rounding in the string formatting-- can you confirm if the diff architectures produce the same audio results with the same preset?
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Thank you for your response, Justin. That's interesting, the result of the filtering is actually identical on both architectures.

I did an experiment where I rendered the unfiltered and filtered versions of some example track, writing out WAVs (without BWF metadata). On both platforms, the resulting WAVs of the unfiltered and the filtered renders have the same SHA1, respectively.

So it indeed seems to only be a problem with formatting of the values.
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