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Default MIDI learn parameters not saved properly

As a new user I installed Reaper in the weekend and one of the things I wanted to set up was MIDI mapping for my plugins.
I checked the manual and I think I did everything right however, I could not get it working and experienced the same problems with the "when focused" option.

The steps I took:
- I'm not using any custom scripts
- Create a new Reaper project
- Go to preferences: Audio -> MIDI -> set the MIDI input port to Enabled+Control
- Add a new track
- Click FX on the track and add a plug-in
- Open the plug-in window, click on a pot
- Click param -> learn
- Move the control knob on the MIDI controller, the MIDI CC is recognized, I set "Enable only when effect configuration is focused" + "Soft takeover", click "OK"
- Click param again -> learn
- The "Enable only when effect configuration is focused" is not checked, so it was not saved properly
When I move the MIDI controller pot it will change the parameter regardless if the plug-in window is focused or not.

I also noticed if I uncheck "Soft takeover", then "Enable only when effect configuration is focused" will be properly saved and seems to be working properly, but without soft takeover it's kind of useless since parameters will jump as soon as you move the pot.

When I played around with the other checkboxes and noticed that it get's even messier, so something with the saving mechanism is definitely wrong.

I can make a video to show the bug if it helps, thanks.
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